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Expanding Horizons

To keep students in school, their social, economic, and family needs, as well as their academic needs must be met. They need the support and help of our whole community.

meet our partners

Our community partners represent a remarkable array of organizations dedicated to enriching the lives of our students and families. They strengthen our community by providing expertise, services, and resources, often focused on specific needs and/or populations. Manchester Proud and the Compass help to align their work, reduce gaps and overlaps, and promote community awareness and access.

Business partners are the drivers of Manchester’s thriving economy. They are also an essential source of career awareness and job opportunities. The resources and hands-on participation of our business partners help ensure our schools’ relevance in the 21st century. Their partnerships inspire our students and families to explore, pursue, and achieve their greatest potential.

Who can become a Partner?

Partners are individuals or organizations that provide services, programs, or financial/material resources to support students, families, or teachers who are either school-based or school-linked.

Partners Include:

Public Agencies
Community-based Nonprofits
Faith-based Institutions
Civic Organizations
Universities and Colleges

The benefits of partnerships

Help families and schools work effectively together.

Create economic opportunity in our community.

Contribute positively to children developing socially, emotionally, physically, and academically.

Bridge the gap between school and broader learning opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Prospective partners are asked to fill out this form (Partnership Application). If you have questions prior to filling out the form, you may email Aimee Kereage at After filling out the form, the Community Partnerships Coordinator will review the provided information and reach out within 5-7 business days to schedule an intake meeting. The meeting’s purpose is to obtain necessary information about the proposed programming and/or resources, and map out how MSD and the partner can work effectively together. After all information is gathered the Community Partnerships Coordinator will present the materials to the Partnership Network Work Group and if necessary Manchester School District Leadership and the Board of School Committee (only for in school partners).
The Manchester School District (MSD) serves over 12,000 students and their families. The support provided to these families can be amplified by working in coordination with staff at the District and within the schools. MSD currently collaborates with over 70 community partners, each offering their own unique programming and/or providing critical resources. Partnering with MSD connects new partners with the robust network already in place, and allows for networking and problem solving across the City. MSD looks to community partners when it is looking to solve complex issues, and on occasion will enter into grants or other funding opportunities should they be mutually beneficial.
This process is not meant to be laborious or exclusive, simply for the school district to have a full understanding of programming and services and ensure that it’s providing resources where needed to sustain crucial resources.  An intense evaluation of community partnership was done in 2021. It was found that school-community partnerships are based on the trust that comes from personal interaction, a shared commitment to the same goals, and successfully working together. While relationships are key to successful partnerships they can also lead to a consolidation of services and programs in some schools and not others. This process is intended to ensure equitable access to opportunities across the district.
The Partnership Network Work Group will provide feedback as to why your request was not approved.  If these issues are resolved we are happy to reconsider your application. 
The Community Partnerships Director will follow up with all requests and discuss why an organization may not be approved.  Reasons may include but are not limited to a lack of need for this body of work in the district, a duplication of services, or concerns on sustainability. 

The Compass serves as Manchester’s one stop resource portal for community partners, families and students across the district.  The Compass is easily filterable and allows the user (students, families, staff) to connect with services needed:  Manchester Proud and the Manchester School District are working to promote awareness and access to the Compass, making it a great place to showcase your mission and services.

Yes, organizations that engage in unlawful or unethical behaviors may lose their right to partner with the district.  We also reserve the right to terminate partnership for other reasons.