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Expanding Horizons

To keep students in school, their social, economic, and family needs, as well as their academic needs must be met. They need the support and help of our whole community.

Thank you

for your interest in becoming a partner 
of the Manchester School District!
The Community Partnerships Coordinator (CPC) will be reaching out within 
5-7 business days after they have reviewed the information you’ve provided.
The next step will be a meeting with the CPC to obtain additional information on the proposed partnership. Questions may include:
1. Who is the target audience of your programs or services?
2. Have you discussed your programming or services with agencies doing
 similar work?
3. How is the program funded?
4. Is this a pilot or a long-term commitment?
5. How are you making your offering accessible to all?
The purpose of the meeting is to obtain the information needed so it can be reviewed by the Partnership Network Work Group. Please note that programming on school grounds will need the approval of the Board of School Committee.

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