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Public Health and Safety Team (PHAST): Multi-lingual, community based staff to connect people to resources and services

The Manchester Health Department’s Public Health and Safety Team’s Community Health Workers (CHWs) address public safety and health issues within the City’s 12 Wards through a partnership with the Manchester Police Department. Care coordination services by the CHW team include but are not limited to: access to basic resources, such as food, navigating health care and other support services, assistance with basic housing and safety concerns, and help with enrolling in programs/services. The team is
multicultural and collectively speaks 9 languages in addition to English (Spanish, French, Nepali, Hindi, Swahili, Kinyarwanda, Kirundi, Lingala, and Yoruba).

Resource Categories

Health and Mental Wellness

Health and Wellness

Being healthy is so important to enable learning and building a positive and engaging community.

Basic Needs Volunteers

Basic Needs

Basic needs are defined as something that we must have in order to live. Recognizing that our students cannot thrive when they may be worried about basic necessities, this section provides resources across the community where essential services and supports can be found.

Early Childhood

Early childhood education not only prepares our youngest students to be in school, but also supports the development of a child’s social and emotional skills.